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X3 Low Current Switch Platform
Highest Levels of Repeatability, Accuracy and Reliability
230VAC On/Off Diverter Valve for Combi Boilers
Fastest Actuation Diverter Valve with Lowest Noise
Compact EC™ Motors for Impact Driver Power
Highest power for tougher jobs
Powerful Electric Motor for Battery Operated Chainsaws
Power equal to gasoline engines
Dosing Solution for Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Precise dosing for maximum NOx reduction
Custom Gas Shut-Off Valve for G1.6 / G2.5 Gas Meters
Highest Level of Intrinsic Safety in Gas Flow
Electric Motor for Turbocharger
Highest torque and speed for engine performance
Heater Circulation Pump for Dishwashers
Best washing performance for cleaning and sanitizing
Building Blocks for Stabilized Gimbals
Best SWaP Designs for Stabilized Gimbals
Touch Screen Haptic Actuators
Fastest driver feedback in the thinnest package
HVAC Actuator Platforms for Custom Torque and Speed
Lowest Noise with Custom Torque and Speed
Anti-Tamper Solutions for Payment Terminals
Industry’s Best Protection for Point of Sale Devices
Low Noise Traction Motors for Robotic Mowers
Greater Lawn Coverage
Circulator Pump for Condensing Boilers
Best Energy Efficiency Surpasses 2015 European Standard
Compact Pump for Automotive Pneumatic Lumbar Support
First Integrated Pump for Pneumatic Lumbar
Winterized Washer Pump
Self-Recover after Thaw
Cinching Latch Motor for Power Tailgates
Highest Power Density and Torque
High Power Electric Power Steering Motor
Industry’s Highest Power & Lowest Cogging Brush EPS Motor
Custom Motors for Automotive Electric Parking Brake
Highest Braking Torque and Longest Operation Cycles
Fast Response Motors for Seatbelt Pretensioner
High Starting Torque & Fail Safe Design
High Torque Motor for Cordless Impact Wrenches
Highest Power and Longest Battery Run Time
Powerful Motor Platform for Compact Brush Rolls
High Power and Compact Size
Compact Drive for Power Liftgate Struts
Smallest Diameter and Highest Torque for SUV’s and Hatchbacks
Compact EC for Professional Power Tools
Best Efficiency and Power for Professionals
Custom Magnetic Latching Solenoids for Industrial Instrumentation
Strongest Magnetic Latching Solenoids
Sealed Power Switch for Outdoor Products
Tough Seal for All Weather Conditions and Water Submersion
Custom Motors for High Power Cordless Sprayers
Highest Performance for Cordless Sprayers and Viscous Materials
Compact Lite Technology in Power Seat Motors
Compact Size and Low Weight for Fuel Economy
Custom Gearmotors for ATM & Currency Handling
Reliable and High Speed Solutions
Custom Engineered Gas Shut-Off Valves for Pre-paid Gas Meters
Longest Battery Life and Zero Pressure Drop
Auto Power-off Switches for Coffee Machines
Zero stand-by power consumption - Exceeds ErP requirements
Magnetic Latching Solenoids for Compact Locks
Highest Holding Force Miniature Magnetic Latching Solenoid
Compact P™ Technologies for Professional Tools
Highest Torque with Long Battery Run Time
Custom Windshield Washer Pump Platforms
High Efficiency and High Presssure
Brushless DC Motors for Hydraulic Pumps in Dual Clutch Transmission
High performance in non-rare earth design
High Torque Motor Plaforms for Automated Manual Transmission
High Stall Torque and Compact Size
Custom Electric Starters for Marine Outboard Engines
PowerPod™ Platforms
Salon-Power™ - Motors for Professional Hair Dryers
Product Range for High Power, Long Life and Light Weight
Custom 100A Disconnect Relays for Smart Meters
Long Life and Safety for Pre-Pay Residential Electricity Meters
Residential Electricity Meter 200A Disconnect Relays
High Reliability and Safety for Smart Meter Disconnect
Custom HTA Actuators for High Speed Processing
Designed for torque / speed optimization
Compact & High Torque Motor Platforms for Power Liftgate Strut
Slimmest and Reliable Holding Torque
Flux Multiplier™ Drive for Washing Machines
Best Washing Performance with Belt Drive
Custom Actuator for Touch Screen Haptics
Best frequency range and force in compact package
Compact Motor Technology for Power Seat Adjustment
Compact & Lightweight Seat Adjustment Motors
Rotary Shutters for Defense Optronics Industry
Industry's first piezo rotary shutters
Compact Motor Technology for Cordless Tools
Highest power density and smallest size
Custom Traction Gearmotors for Low Noise Robotic Mowers
Lowest Noise and Longest Life
Fast Reponse Driver Alert Actuator Platforms
Custom Vibration Intensity and Compact Size
Custom Actuators for Touch Screen Haptics
Best frequency range and force in compact package

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