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Engine Cooling Fan Modules

Johnson Electric is the technology leader in Engine Thermal Management and the global market leader in Cooling Fan Modules (CFM). Our power cooling platform are custom engineered to deliver cooling requirements that are consistent with each passenger car segment.

Our designs are optimized for customer fuel and CO2 economy requirements.

For full-size cars and SUVs, the CFM-H platform can deliver from 200 to 400W of airflow power. Cooling fan modules are optimized for noise and vibration.

For mid-size cars, the platform CFM-M can deliver from 100 to 200W airflow power. This product line provides the highest power density in a compact design.

For small cars, the Platform CFM-L can deliver from 15 to 100W airflow power. This product line is our quietest and lowest weight CFM in a compact design.

Please scroll down to view the product data. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for custom engineered solutions.

CFM-L Series
Airpower 15-100W
CFM-L Series Airpower 15-100W
CFM-M Series
Airpower 100-200W
CFM-M Series Airpower 100-200W
CFM-H Series
Airpower 200-400W
CFM-H Series Airpower 200-400W

Product Data