Jan 23, 2009 -- Nonmagnetic Nanomotion actuators supplied by Johnson Medtech (Shelton, CT) served as key components in the development of the world’s first MRI-compatible image-guided tumor treatment device. Manufactured by Profound Medical Inc. (Toronto), the minimally invasive thermal ablation device demonstrated in preclinical trials that it can treat prostate cancer as well as or better than radiation and may have fewer side effects.

Creating a major obstacle to success in this project in the past was the magnetic nature of electric motors and their components, which prohibited them from operating in an MRI environment. However, incorporation of the Nanomotion’s HR2-1-N-3 piezo ultrasonic nonmagnetic motors enabled the rotation of the device’s probe within the MRI environment.

"When designing our prostate cancer treatment device, we knew that it would require the visibility exclusively available in an MRI environment. However, conventional motors were a roadblock to creating a working proof-of-concept device and bringing this important development to reality," says Michael Bronskill, chief technical officer of Profound Medical. Johnson Medtech™ Nanomotion nonmagnetic motors provide the motion necessary to enable our tissue coagulation device to effectively treat prostate cancer patients within the MRI environment, and with a degree of precision that is crucial to success.


Source : Medical Products Manufacturing News