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Automotive Drives

Johnson Electric is the leader in providing drive motors to the automotive industry worldwide. Drive motors include micro motors, gear box and electronic interface. Leading OEM's and Tier-1 suppliers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia have selected Johnson Motor as their development partner of choice for custom engineered drive motors designs.

Johnson Electric drive motor applications include window lift drive and sunroof drive. The Compact Lite product platforms for both applications are the industry’s lowest weight solutions in a compact package. These foundation technologies are developed based on “Curve” motor technology, the high power density magnetic circuit design is 30 percent lighter than traditional products. High performance is achieved without using rare earth magnets, protecting our customers from the high cost escalation associated with neodymium material.

Due to our technology leadership, global engineering collaboration and local assembly plant support, Johnson Electric is the safe choice for micro motors for the global automotive industry.

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