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Microswitches (Snap Action Switches)

Johnson Electric is a leader in microswitch technology with its precision microswitches under the Saia brand and its industrial rated microswitches under the Burgess brand. Our Microswitches are offered in Ultraminiature, Subminiature, Miniature and Standard series. Within these product series, the microswitches are segmented by power rating, temperature rating, operating forces, environmental specifications and packaging. Many of the switches are custom engineered for specific industry applications. Saia and Burgess products are selected by industry leaders who require 100% consistent and accurate performance in critical functions as are found in vending machines, and ATM's. For safety related applications in industrial and materials handling equipment, Saia and Burgess products are the perfect choice. Our microswitch product lines are constantly evolving to define the leading edge in technical performance and human factors. We are continually integrating more functionality within our switches and customizing the human interface to match contemporary trends in product design. Johnson Electric R&D is focused on providing ongoing differentiation to our customers.
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