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DC Motors

DC Motors DC Motors
Power supply DC Battery supply possible
Driver electronics need No  
Speed accuracy Low Effected by load torque
Manufacture tol +-10% of no load speed
Speed control Voltage ↕ Open loop or closed loop speed control
Closed loop - high accuracy, but sensor need
Position control High effort Closed loop position control and sensor need
Overloadablity / load inertia High High start torque or peak load torque
Able to accelerate high load inertia
Lifetime Low 300...2000h (limited by wear of brushes)
Depend on speed, current and brush config.
Speed range [rpm] 1000...25000 No load speed
Efficiency 60...80% At operating point of max.efficiency
Power vs. size High  
Winding thermal protection Need If overload (mechan.blocking) not excluded -
Current limitation or thermal contacts
Load sensing Easy Current rises with load
Stalling permissible No No or only short time (winding overheat)
Electromag.interference EMI Critical Suppression means (capacitors / varistors)
Braking/Holding torque Low Detent torque
Braking improveable by winding short circuit
Max.output power from JE [W]    
Linear motors from JE No  
JE Brand Johnson Motor  
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