Johnson Electric Launches ECI-040 BLDC Motor Platform

Hong Kong, 9 August , 2021 — Johnson Electric is excited to announce the launch of our ECI-040 brushless DC motor platform.

This new generation is designed to simplify integration by accepting direct mains AC power through controller as input. Customers can replace AC motors directly and can also eliminate the need for expensive and large AC-to-DC transformers. In addition, the electronically commutated motors provide improved controllability, superior reliability, higher efficiency, and lower noise. Both ECI-040 motors provide powerful and stable torque output which are suited for a range of applications including window shutters, smart furniture, and coffee machines. The motors are available as standalone units or in combination with customizable controller electronics. We also offer a compatible planetary gearbox with different ratios.

JE aims to improve the quality of life of the people we touch through more comfortable, safer, and healthier products. We have a vision to be the world’s definitive provider of innovative and reliable motion systems.

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