EC Motors: Overview


ec motor  ec motor

Power supply DC Battery supply possible
Driver electronics need Yes External or inside motor
Speed accuracy Low Effected by load torque
Manufacture tol ±10% of no load speed
Speed control Voltage ↕ Driver output voltage controlled by PWM
Closed loop - using integrated Hall sensors
Position control High effort Closed loop position control and sensor need
Possible Hall sensors applicable
Overloadablity / load inertia High High start torque or peak load torque
Able to accelerate high load inertia
Lifetime High Only limited by bearings
Depends on lateral force and speed
Speed range [rpm] 1500...25000 For no load speed
Efficiency 65...90% At operating point of max. efficiency
Power vs. size High
Winding thermal protection Need If overload (mechanical blocking) not excluded - Current limitation in driver circuitry
Load sensing Easy Current rises with load
Stalling permissible No No or only short time (winding overheat)
Electromag.interference EMI Not Critical No brushes; PWM voltage may cause EMI
Braking/Holding torque Low/Medium Motor can be designed for low or medium detent torque
Dynamic braking by winding short cut
Linear motors from JE No