Flat Flexible Cable Connection Options

Display Cable

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable Connection Options

Johnson Electric Display Cable is built with Hirose DF9 connector soldered and molded to 0.5MM pitch laminated flat flexible cable and is typically used in applications for board to flat panel display interconnects. This cable utilizes Parlex's ability to mate the DF9 connect to a laminated flat flexible cable, and over mold a housing to provide a low profile, sealed and durable connector. Molds are available for 31, 41 and 51 pin connectors. The Display Cable meets Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and Flat Panel Display Interface (FDPI-1) specifications.

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We also offer other custom display cables with male Hirose Connectors upon request


Jumper Cable

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable Connection OptionsJohnson Electric's Jumper Cable comes in 2.54 mm (.100") or 1.27 mm (.050") conductor pitch laminated flat flexible cable. Cable termination can be either Tyco Electronics/Amp FFC receptacle or Solder Tabs. The FFC receptacle connectors have an integral latch for positive locking to shrouded mating headers and come in single or double row housings. Solder Tabs are solderable pins that are crimped through the insulation and can be directly soldered into PCB"s for through hole applications. Straight, right angled, or stagger formations are available and are wave solder compatible. Parlex's laminated flat flexible Jumper Cables provide an inexpensive and versatile solution for cable interconnects.

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Other styles available please contact us for more information.


Auto Line Cable

ALC (Auto Line Cable) enables users to directly lap solder a laminated flat flexible cable to a PCB with manual or hot bar soldering techniques. The cable comes with pushpins or registration holes that are registered to the conductors so that they will automatically align themselves over the pads on the PCB when the cable is snapped onto the board or alignment pins. The laminated layer of polyester when used with the pushpins, will provides strain relief that will withstand several pounds of pressure without damaging the lap solder joints. This eliminates the need for a connector reducing overall parts count and total cost.

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Custom Cable

Through the Parlex brand, Johnson Electric provides custom FFC solutions across a wide range of industries and complexities. Johnson Electric sets the standard for designing flat, flexible cable assemblies that provide superior performance in dynamic flex applications requiring long life operation. Our shielding technology is applicable to even very long cables and our coved technology increases product life. Our customized Parlex FFC solutions provide reliable interconnect in the most difficult applications.