Principle of Operation

Flat Flexible Cables consist of one or more copper conductor (usually Tin Plated copper) sandwiched in between a top and bottom layer of dielectric film (usually Polyimide or PET). Line width of .011" and larger and spaces of .5 mm or greater are possible.

Shielding for EMI/RFI protection (electro-magnetic compliance) using silver ink or additional aluminium layers.

Soldering components or connectors to FFC is achievable with the proper parameters including temperature and dwell times. The use of lead free solder or conductive adhesives is recommended.

FFC's can be designed as 'flex-to-install' (i.e. one time bend during installation) or to flex continually throughout their life, often in circumstances where millions of flex cycles are required (i.e. connecting to the moving head of a printer).