Stepper Motors: Claw Pole Version


JE produces “claw pole” (sometimes called “tin can”) stepper motors. This stepper motor design is optimized for low costs.

JE does not produce “hybrid” stepper motors, a basically different construction.
They have smaller step angle, but are more costly in production.

Claw pole motor windings consist of simple circular coils, wound on plastic bobbins.

Stator consists of punched soft iron pieces.

Claws guide the magnetic flux to the appropriate locations of the air gap. They form out stator poles.

Depending on the direction of current flow in the windings, these claws are north pole or south pole.

The motors use plain bearings, made of sintered bronze.

Picture shows operation of one full step by 90° (simplified, with 2pole rotor magnet and 1 claw per stator sheet).

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Overview of JE claw pole motor versions:

10 magnet poles 5 claws per stator 18° full step angle small motor diameter d=20
12 magnet poles 6 claws per stator 15° full step angle see pictures below
16 magnet poles 8 claws per stator 11.25° full step angle  
24 magnet poles 12 claws per stator 7.5° full step angle  


Stator half sheet with 6 claws:
(rotating magnet in grey)
Rotor magnet with 12 poles: Winding (Coil):
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