Stepper Motors: Overview



Power supply DC Battery supply possible
Driver electronics need Yes Constant voltage or Chopper driver circuitry
Speed accuracy High Not effected by load torque 
No need for closed loop speed control
Speed control Step frequency ↕ Additional electronics need
No sensor need
Position control Low effort Commanded by number of steps
No sensor need
Overloadablity / load inertia Low Only little reserve for peak load torque
Can accelerate high inertia only by ramp function
Lifetime High Only limited by bearings
Depends on lateral force and speed
Speed range [rpm] 0...2000 High value: Small motor sizes and using Chopper driver
Efficiency ...60% High value for high step frequency (high speed)
Power vs. size Low Due to low speed
Winding thermal protection No need Inductance protected
(if winding designed for 100% duty cycle)
Load sensing Difficult Load has very little effect to current
Stalling permissible Yes If winding designed for continuous duty cycle
Electromag.interference EMI Not Critical No brushes
Braking/Holding torque High

High holding torque (power keeps switched on)

Lower detent torque (power switched off)

Max.output power from JE [W] 14 Approximately, for short time duty cycle S2
Linear motors from JE Yes


JE brand Saia