Working for Johnson Electric


Right People, Right Jobs, Right Environment – Johnson Electric’s People Approach to Innovating Motion

People and culture are at the core of Johnson Electric’s success. Beginning as a micro motor manufacturer in Hong Kong in 1959, Johnson Electric is now a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects with a headcount of over 38,000, and a footprint of production sites, sales offices, innovation and product design centers spanning over 23 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The company’s core values of MARBLE (Make customers successful, Attract and develop great people, Reach higher, Believe in practical solutions, Lead by example, Excel in execution) is the foundation and the key to driving a common culture across its diverse operating geographies as the company strategically expanded through organic growth and acquisitions over the past decades.

Johnson Electric also prides on its diversity and inclusion with different nationalities and global brains working together. In 2016, the company has employees comprising 20 nationalities working in its Hong Kong headquarters, with over 20% of employees coming from outside of Hong Kong.

Attracting and developing the Right People, putting them in the Right Jobs and providing them with the Right Environment to excel at what they do are the 3 pillars that underlie Johnson Electric’s people strategy and human capital initiatives, with the ultimate vision to become “One Johnson around the world, a great company and a great place to work!”.

"Johnson Electric is very selective and we always aim higher in everything we do.  But if you want to work for a global company with an environment that values speed, agility, learning and entrepreneurial spirit, JE is a great place for you!," said Mike Gannon, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

"JE cares and engages our employees through various human interaction and social activities.  We provide excellent opportunity for our employees to grow, learn, contribute and succeed. Come grow with us," said Evita Leung, General Manager, Human Resources Asia.

Hiring the Right People

Innovation is a critical success factor and a market differentiator to make customers successful at Johnson Electric. The company is highly selective in getting the right people on board who are able to make things happen through action and continuous improvement. In order to attract innovative young talent, the company never stops investing in the next generation of engineers to bring in new ideas and insights to support its quest to maximize innovation. This is also Johnson Electric’s ambition to become the employer of choice for engineers.

Our robust engineering trainee program offers intensive training to students from renowned colleges and universities in Hong Kong, India and China.  The program also provides a platform for trainees to gain global exposure through participation in cross-region projects and assignments.

On the recruitment front, Johnson Electric participates actively in campus recruitment and career expos, and leverages various assessment and selection tools befitting to the levels and positions required, including Occupational Personality Questionnaire, Learning Agility, etc. to help identify the right candidates who are not only the right match to the skills and capabilities required, but also the corporate culture.

As part of the orientation program, the 90-Day On-Boarding Plan is an essential guide for new hires to adapt faster and better to the way of doing things around Johnson Electric, with joint support from managers, HR and assigned “buddies” whose main responsibility is to help new members assimilate to Johnson Electric’s work environment. The new hires are invited to participate in an on-line survey to express their views about working with the company. The results from the survey will be consulted in developing a plan to improve new employee experience at Johnson Electric.

Putting Employees in the Right Jobs

Building a high potential pool helps Johnson Electric identify future leaders to spearhead stronger business growth. Its people calibration process is a formal system to evaluate, define and assess employees’ performance and forms the backbone of a sustainable leadership pipeline.

A wide variety of development channels are available at Johnson Electric to help employees grow to their full potential. These include over 200 classroom and e-learning programs to grow employees’ soft and technical skills.  International assignment with durations ranging from three months to three years is another important development channel for employees to gain global exposure and broaden their horizons.

A mentoring program customized to meet the needs of individual business and functional units is rolled out every year to develop high performers and accelerate their succession readiness. The 12-month program opens up an opportunity for mentees to be paired up with experienced mentors and collaborate to achieve project success. 

Johnson Electric has also been nurturing young seeds in society through the establishment of Johnson Electric Technical College and Johnson Electric Supervisory College in China respectively since 2004 and 2008. This is Johnson Electric’s long-term commitment to giving back to society by supporting the underprivileged youngsters in continuing their education in engineering, which sets them on the path to become future employees of Johnson Electric.

Providing the Right Environment

Maintaining an open and honest communication is part of Johnson Electric’s pledge to employees and is inseparably linked to a high performance engagement culture which has a key role to play in driving business growth.

An annual survey was debuted in 2016 to measure the engagement level of employees. Results were shared with employees followed by feedback sessions for devising action plans to improve the work environment.

Other initiatives and activities organized to create a positive workplace culture include an enterprise social media platform to bring global employees together in one virtual place, recognition programs to reward exceptional performance and role model MARBLE behaviors, various recreational and corporate social responsibility events led by local staff clubs, as well as a one-week celebration held at all Johnson locations to celebrate One Johnson around the world with a new theme each year. 

In 2016, Johnson Electric Hong Kong was recognized as a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and one of Asia’s Best Companies To Work For by HR Asia Magazine. The Group will continue to live its core values by attracting and retaining top talents in support of the company’s ambitious growth strategy.