Environmental Impact and Pollution Prevention

Our operations typically do not have high environmental or ecological impact. However, we take a proactive approach to monitoring and prevention. In addition to conducting environmental impact assessments prior to investing in new countries, comprehensive environmental due diligence and baseline assessments are conducted to determine historical environmental liabilities potentially affecting our own business and to prevent any future negative impact.

In the area of pollution prevention, we have sophisticated processes to review our manufacturing process design so as to avoid pollution or environmental contamination from the outset. In the event that waste or wastewater is unavoidable, we build appropriate treatment facilities to control the risk to acceptable levels.

In developing and manufacturing our products, our priorities include emission reduction, fuel economy, low noise and carbon emission reduction.

Environmental Impact and Pollution Prevention     Umweltauswirkungen und Verhinderung von Umweltverschmutzung

Water Use and Conservation

Whilst JE’s manufacturing facilities are generally not high users of water, we have taken proactive approach in establishing Water Conservation programs. Examples include the use highly sophisticated ultra filtration and reverse osmosis technologies to enable process water (e.g. from electroplating) to be reused or recycled. In India, when our new facilities were built, we implemented a Zero Discharge Program to ensure the water abstracted from groundwater is treated to meet high standards of hygiene. All water is used or reused after thorough biological treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) and UV disinfection.

Wasserverbrauch und Wasserkonservierung

Energy Management

Energy conservation and reducing the carbon footprint of our operations are important parts of the company’s overall environmental management strategy. JE has established carbon emission inventories and related energy conservation programs. In particular, in China, the company is participating in the pilot carbon emission trading scheme in the country. Some sites have also taken a step further to use the ISO 14064 for the management of GHG emissions and verification by accredited bodies. An Energy Saving Committee has been operating with participation by both operating and facilities departments in order to manage the energy agenda in an effective way.

Energiemanagement     Energiemanagement