Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Safety Promotion and Accident Prevention

Our company’s basic safety philosophy is the prevention of injuries while employees are at work. We have a zero tolerance policy to ensure that management provides the appropriate safety measures for any of the manufacturing processes in the company; and that all employees follow safety rules and standards that are established to safeguard them from getting hurt. Out of the 22 elements of our EHS Management System, 15 are devoted to safety controls: be they for the control of mechanical, electrical, thermal, fire or chemical hazards; or safety standards to establish best practices on working at height, lifting operations, working with vehicles, mobile equipment and other higher risk activities. We pay particular attention to the human factors involved in manual handling and ergonomics in the workplace. Where necessary, appropriate risk assessment must be carried out prior to a working process being put into operation.

In building a sound Safety Culture in the company, we engage all levels of the management from the Chairman and CEO, senior managers, front line management to our workers and contractors. All incidents are reported and thoroughly investigated utilizing our root cause investigation techniques. We routinely gauge the lessons learned from these incidents to ensure the proper Cycle of Learning is shared and communicated to prevent a recurrence. An e-Learning platform has been developed to provide safety videos and other resources to promote safety in the company’s day-to-day activities.

Safety Promotion and Accident Prevention     Safety Promotion and Accident Prevention


Occupational Health Management

Our company has a comprehensive occupational health management program which comprises occupational hygiene measures ranging from the identification of occupational hazards in the workplace, to evaluation and control of job related health risks. The objective of the program is to protect the employees’ health and well being while working for the company. Key hazards such as noise and chemical exposures are being addressed by hearing conservation program and regular workplace monitoring to ensure the respective engineering controls are appropriate and occupational exposure limits are not exceeded. Pre-employment occupational health checks and on the job medical surveillance to workers who may be exposed to possible occupational health risk factors are also part of our program.

Occupational Health Management     Occupational Health Management