Supplier Information


At Johnson Electric, innovation and our safe choice initiatives will continue to drive our success. Our Supply Chain must deliver high quality production materials, consumables and capital goods to our operations and maintain an efficient supply of finished product to our customers.

Protecting our environment is important throughout our Supply Chain. This includes the materials we select as well as the suppliers. Our goal is to be "Hazardous Substance Free" and we will consider products, packaging, recycling and transport in our sourcing decisions.

In order to meet the changing needs of our customers, Johnson Electric will continuously improve our products and processes to make our supply chain more efficient – driven by our "Johnson Electric Productions Systems".

Following are the expectations if you want to be part of Johnson Electric's Supply Chain:

  • Uncompromised ethical standards and responsible business relationships
  • Hazardous substance free
    • Full compliance with Environmental and Hazardous substance control
    • Compliance with regulations such as RoHS and ELV
    • Full transparency for declarations such as REACH and IMDS
  • Zero tolerance for defects
  • Reliable and flexible delivery - 100% on time
    • Commitment to grow with us – capacity to support our growth
  • Technology driven - continuous improvements in process and product
    • Support in new product applications
  • Lean Mindset – one piece flow direction