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Actuation Solutions for New Energy Vehicle e-Axle

Electric parking lock actuators are critical safety subsystems that form part of park-by-wire systems in next generation vehicle transmissions that enable the self-parking assist and autonomous driving/parking functions in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. A park-by-wire system engages the parking pawl (locking mechanism) of an automatic transmission by electronic actuation. Johnson Electric has established a market leading position in this growing segment with an electric actuator product that offers compact size, wide ranging compatibility and superior performance.

New Energy Vehicle e-Axle Solutions

The automatic clutch transmission system comes with a control unit, a sensor, and an actuator unit, which eliminates a foot pedal clutch completely in a manual transmission vehicle.
When gear shifts, it sends a signal to the control unit and to the E-clutch actuator which triggers the clutch to shift through a master cylinder for engagement and disengagement of the clutch. This high level of automation makes a whole new driving experience for a driver who finds comfort and ease of operating, maximizing fuel efficiency.

New Energy Vehicle e-Axle Solutions

A variable reluctance (VR) resolver is a rotary transformer used to measure degrees of rotation. It provides position and speed feedback for a variety of industrial applications. A resolver consists of a rotary transformer, a rotor and a stator. Resolver is widely used in automotive applications as a rotor position sensor. Applications include Electric Power Steering, Electric Brake Booster, and Traction Motor of a new energy vehicle.
Resolvers do not contain any electronic parts, they are, therefore, much more rugged than rotary encoder, and they provide reliable accurate feedback in harsh environments that feature high temperatures, vibrations, radiation, and contaminants. A resolver’s design is compact and short in axial length, it is much easier to be installed in many applications.

New Energy Vehicle e-Axle Solutions

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