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Compact P™ Technologies for Professional Tools

  • Higher torque for tough jobs
  • Highest power for faster job completion
  • Small size for compact tools
  • Longest battery run time
  • Custom engineered to exact requirements

Compact P™ motor platforms

Compact P™ motor platforms

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  • HC8A5G-020 HC8A5G-020
  • HC7A5SG-020 HC7A5SG-020
  • HC6A6LG-120 HC6A6LG-120
  • QC8A1(0)SG-022 QC8A1(0)SG-022
  • QC7A1(0)SG-021 QC7A1(0)SG-021
  • QC7A1(0)SG-020 QC7A1(0)SG-020
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