Johnson Electric Launches Brushless Motor for Professional Paint Sprayers – Highest Performance for Cordless Sprayers and Viscous Materials

Hong Kong, 5 September, 2013 – Johnson Electric today announced the industry’s first brushless motor for professional cordless sprayers. This customizable Compact EC™ motor platform provides the highest power and efficiency for handheld sprayers. The high performance of the Compact EC motor supports a wide range of spray paint viscosity. The motor’s high efficiency and dynamic response enable more high quality work to be completed from a battery charge. This new brushless motor platform is an addition to the existing Johnson Motor product line.

The Compact EC brushless motor platform is designed to be customized to the exact application requirements of professional sprayer products. When benchmarked versus traditional DC motors in paint sprayers, the Compact EC motor delivers 40% higher torque, 15% higher motor efficiency and 30% more paint area coverage from a battery charge. The EC motor control technology and its dynamic response allow more consistent and even spray patterns for enhanced painting quality.

“The high end performance demands of the professional paint sprayer market drove the development of the Compact EC motor,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing, “The overall needs of the paint sprayer market, from premium to value products, are covered by Johnson Electric’s range of Brushless and DC motor platforms ,” he added.

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