Johnson Electric Launches High Torque Motor for Cordless Impact Wrenches – Highest Power and Longest Battery Run Time

Hong Kong, 6 December, 2013 – Johnson Electric today announced the industry’s highest power DC motor for cordless impact wrenches. The Compact P™ - XC8 motor is custom designed for the highest power and efficiency in battery operated tools. The high performance of the XC8 motor provides professional users with high instant torque and long continuous run time to handle the toughest jobs.  The high efficiency of the XC8 motor enables more work done per battery charge.

The XC8 motor employs high power density design with a proprietary heat rejection system. This allows 15% higher power with a 20 degree Celsius lower temperature rise than existing technology.  This results in 15% longer continuous run times and more work per battery charge.

“This motor innovation provides professionals with the power they need in a portable, battery operated tools,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.

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