Johnson Electric Launches Dishwasher Heater Pump – Best washing performance for cleaning and sanitizing

Hong Kong, 27 February, 2015Johnson Electric today announced the Super Series heater pump for dishwashers. This pump enables the washing temperature to reach 185°F (85°C) which is effective in killing germs and reducing the washing and drying time. The Super Series heater pump integrates the heating and circulation function within the pump. The heating elements are designed to prevent any accidental contact by users or with the contents of the dishwasher. This concealed heating feature improves the safety and reliability performance of the appliance.

The hydraulic and heater design of this pump provides the highest efficiency operation for water heating and circulation. This improved pump performance is driven by Johnson Electric’s latest brushless motor technology.

“The human values of health and safety, ease of use and low noise are the drivers behind Johnson Electric’s products for the dishwasher,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.

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