Johnson Electric Zacatecas Opens Johnson Electric Technical College (JETC)

Johnson Electric Zacatecas opened the doors of Johnson Electric Technical College (JETC), where students from local communities around Zacatecas will develop their talents and skills. The inauguration ceremony took place in a new infrastructure building in the presence of Dr. Patrick Wang and distinguished guests from the Executive Committee, global top leaders, as well as local school principals.

JETC - now with more than 12 years' experience - was established as part of the corporate social responsibility projects to give back to the local community. The three-year JETC course, administered by JE staff and educators, offers underprivileged youth social skills and discipline coaching, practical training in machines and also job training to develop students' personal growth and to prepare them for a long-term career in Johnson Electric.

Courses will be conducted in the new four-storey building with a capacity of 59 rooms. The first floor is designed for training; second floor is the student dormitories with amenities such as reading room, activity room, gym, TV room and laundry service; third and fourth floors will host visiting guests and staff from other locations. Additionally, there are sport facilities like football field, basketball and volleyball court outside the building.

Johnson Electric takes great pride in the launch of JETC in Zacatecas, and looks forward to making a positive impact in the community where we do business.