Johnson Electric Develops New E11 BLDC Motor for Cordless Impact Wrenches

Hong Kong, 8 July, 2019 — Johnson Electric announced today it is launching a new E11 brushless DC motor, designed for Cordless Impact Wrenches. This design features high torque, power density and efficiency in a robust design. The added benefit of longer motor life inherent with a brushless motor design means the Johnson Electric E11 is best suited for professional users.

The Johnson Electric E11 has passed a series of rigorous tests to prove it is suitable for cordless impact wrenches including application-specific life and drop tests. The uncompromised reliability of the E11 BLDC motor is targeted to heavy industries and infrastructure construction applications, such as the automotive industry, equipment maintenance and rail/bridge/road building.

Our New E11 brushless DC motor marks a milestone in the Cordless Impact Wrench market and proves the global leadership of Johnson Electric in the motor industry.

Johnson Electric continues to practice our core values of excellent quality and product consistency to our customers worldwide through our fully automated manufacturing systems.

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