Johnson Electric Launches Low Voltage DC Motor Solutions for Smart Door Locks

Hong Kong, 31 August, 2020 — Johnson Electric, a global leader in motor solutions, announces the launch of a series of low voltage DC (LVDC) motor solutions for smart door locks. The product line ranges in diameter from 10 to 24 mm.

Johnson Electric has the capability to provide a complete range of micro-motor solutions for both domestic and commercial locks with superior performance and reliability.

The series of micro-motor solutions have been designed to provide high torque, long life and low power consumption. In a comparative analysis, Johnson Electric’s micro-motors can deliver up to 8% more stall torque, 6% longer battery run-time and 30% more in duty cycles. The products have passed a series of rigorous application-specific tests to ensure their reliability.

The mission of Johnson Electric is to be the world’s definitive provider of innovative and reliable motion solutions.

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