Johnson Electric Launches New ECO Motion Solutions for Home Ventilation

Hong Kong, December 29, 2020 — Johnson Electric (JE) today unveils a new series of Electronically Commutated Outer-Rotor (ECO) motor, fan and blower solutions for home ventilation. The ECO motion solutions are designed for air purifiers, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and other ventilation applications.

The ECO motor platforms deliver best-in-class Energy-related Products (ErP) ratings while maintaining compliance with current and pending regulatory requirements. The highly efficient and robust design allows for continuous ventilation through powerful air extraction at a wide range of speeds at low to imperceivable sound levels. The ECO platforms have integrated electronic controllers so customers can accelerate product development and shorten time to market for their products. The on-board controllers can even support application-level features like human machine interfaces.

The product portfolio for home ventilation is complete with the launch of ECO fan and blower solutions. This enables ventilation system designers to benefit from JE’s expertise in aerodynamics and to have more flexibility over the end-product design along with uncompromised reliability achieved through rigorous simulation and application testing. JE continues to excel at quality and product consistency through our fully automated manufacturing systems.

JE aims to improve the quality of life of the people we touch through more comfortable, safer and healthier products. We have a vision to be the world’s definitive provider of innovative and reliable motion systems.

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