Johnson Electric launches high-power electric compressor for next-generation super fast charging technology

Hong Kong, 18 August , 2021 — Johnson Electric has launched a high-power electric compressor that can effectively reduce the heat generated by the battery during high-rate fast charging of electric vehicles. The new-generation super-fast charging vehicles have been equipped with this new high-capacity compressor. Charging time from 0% - 80% of battery capacity with 70kWh power, it is reported that it takes only 8 minutes.

High Power e-Compressor for Electric Vehicle Super Charging

Compared with most ordinary electric compressors in the industry, the cooling capacity of this high-power compressor has been increased by more than 67%. The voltage is up to 900V and the displacement is up to 57cc. It can be more effective when electric vehicles are charged with 6C high-rate super-fast charging by reducing battery temperature and improving charging safety.

This type of compressor adopts a platform structure design, and only needs to adjust the height of the scroll to meet the different cooling capacity requirements of various OEMs, which greatly reduces the development cycle and R&D costs. The controller also adopts a platform design, which can quickly adjust the selection of electronic components according to the voltage levels of different models to optimize product costs.

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