Johnson Electric High Voltage DC751 Series for Stick Blenders

Hong Kong, 28 October, 2021 — Johnson Electric is proud to present the High Voltage DC751 Series, Motor Solution for stick blenders.

High Voltage DC751 Series for Stick Blenders

Through advanced motor technology, the DC751 series offers significantly increased power density and efficiency. With a 20% lower temperature rise, this solution surpasses similar motors and extends continuous run-time by 40%. These enhancements:

  1. reduce heat transfer to the handle, providing a more comfortable user experience
  2. decrease blending interruptions to cool motor, reducing recipe preparation time
  3. increase the life of the motor, decreasing the likelihood of overheating

The DC751 series offers integrated EMI/EMC suppression filter options, reducing the development time for IoT-enabled blenders. Further, due to its compact size, high voltage motor technology eliminates the need for a bulky transformer, making storage easier.

In additional to our complete line of Motors, Electromechanical Switches, Printed Electronics, Auto Power-Off Switches, we provide design services for tailored solutions that meet your exact specifications.

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