Johnson Electric launches Actuation Solutions for New Energy Vehicle e-Axle

Hong Kong — Johnson Electric has launched an all-in-one e-axle solutions pack for new energy vehicles. Now in mass production, the pack covers the full range of applications from safety parking, four-wheel drive mode switching to electric drive position sensing.

New Energy Vehicle e-Axle Solutions 

A core component of new energy vehicles, the electric drive system has a direct impact on vehicle performance, safety, and fuel economy. There is also an increasing trend to develop lightweight, integrated, and intelligent electric drive systems to optimize vehicles’ physical layout and reduce the complexity of components to be installed in order to achieve cost efficiency.

Johnson Electric brings a new solution to the market, using motor actuators and humidity management technology to actively remove the moisture inside of the headlights. This active CMD (Condensation Management Device) actuator provides a new level of protection beyond temporary reduction of condensation.

Johnson Electric brings a full range of actuator solutions to the electric drive system market, including parking lock actuators, four-wheel drive actuation motors, and variable reluctance resolvers. Leveraging a platform-based design and embracing the technical advantage of being compact, lightweight, responsive and with high control accuracy, our solutions are the perfect answer to the development trend of safe, lightweight and integrated intelligent electric drive systems. Johnson Electric’s fully automated manufacturing also ensures consistently good production quality.

With its long tradition of producing successful automobile transmission systems, Johnson Electric continues to foster good cooperative ties with mainstream automobile manufacturers and first-tier suppliers both at home and abroad.

Johnson Electric aims to improve the quality of life of the people we touch through more comfortable, safer and healthier products. We have a vision to be the world’s definitive provider of innovative and reliable motion systems.

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