Johnson Electric launches dual redundant powerpack for electric power steering

Hong Kong — Johnson Electric launches dual redundant powerpack for electric power steering to meet the requirement of safe dual redundant powerpack in advanced autonomous vehicle.


Dual Redundant Powerpack for Electric Power Steering 


With the trend of automobile intelligence, new functions such as advanced autonomous, rear wheel steering and steering-by-wire have been developed. This also requires more advanced technology of steering system. The foremost requirement is safety redundancy, which entails the equipping of hardware such as dual winding motor, dual position sensor and multi-controller. Apart from that, technical indexes, for example, power control accuracy, low energy consumption and road sense feedback, are also critical.

Johnson Electric’s dual redundant powerpack for electric power steering uses brushless motor technology with lightweight structural design. With the optimized battery and structural design, as well as advanced algorithm, the system offers rapid location feedback, which makes it a reliable choice for electric power steering system. The programme interface can be customized based on customer’s requirement, making it convenient for the customer to integrate the programme and realize joint development.

This structural design of the motor is platform-based. For a product requiring different power, it only needs to adjust the length of motor and it can be used in the existing production line. This greatly reduces the time for development and costs. Automated production ensures high production quality.

Johnson Electric aims to improve the quality of life of the people we touch through more comfortable, safer and healthier products. We have a vision to be the world’s definitive provider of innovative and reliable motion systems.

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