Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Flexible Circuits

Parlex EMI-Flex™ is an innovative electromagnetic shielding technology. This technology improves the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics of flexible circuits and laminated cables used in critical applications such as are found in the medical point of care and defense industries. The Parlex EMI-Flex technology applies a highly conductive and flexible coating directly to the flex circuit for 360° shielding. A precision production process allows custom shielding and impedance solutions to be designed and modified rapidly. Parlex EMI-Flex is ideal for applications requiring high EMI suppression and high EMC performance in conformable, compact, and lightweight designs. Parlex EMI-Flex deployed early in the design cycle can avoid costly redesign due to EMI/EMC problems being discovered in product qualification tests. The EMI-Flex technology provides cost effective shielding without bulky mechanical components.

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Platforms / Part Numbers Typical Shield Thickness
Typical Shield Insulation
Color Temperature Minimum
Temperature Maximum
Surface Resistance
(ohms/sq m)
(M on 25mm radius)
Maximum Shielding Protection
Data Sheets
EMI-Flex 0.020 0.0100 Silver -50 200 < 77.50 10 360