Secure Flex

Security Circuit

Parlex Secure-Flex™ is an innovative technology to increase security and provide the highest protection against intrusion and tampering of critical areas within payment terminals. Parlex Secure-Flex can be customized for any payment terminal, to protect the printed circuit board, smart card connector and keypads from tampering and data theft. Secure-Flex is the Point of Sale industry’s only technology to offer protection against peeling, drilling and piercing intrusion. Parlex Secure-Flex employs a unique breakable conductor technology, which disables the payment terminal if intrusion is attempted. The increased level of security provided by Secure-Flex exceeds industry standards including PCI PTS and Union Pay. Secure-Flex technology also allows the option to deploy random security circuit patterns as an additional barrier to potential intruders.

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Peeling Protection Data Sheets
SL Series Single Sided PET Black 85 150µm / 150µm, 250µm / 250µm Conductor breakable within 10 mm