Automotive EC Motors


The Johnson Electric EC motor series provides an innovative platform of brushless motors for automotive engineers designing products ranging from engine cooling, transmission and engine management. The controllability, high efficiency, long life, and low noise characteristics of this motor technology are custom engineered to meet the needs of specialized applications. The platform motors below are examples used in the applications noted. Contact us for sample availability and your custom engineering requirements.

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Available in Distribution
Platforms / Part Numbers Diameter
Input Voltage
Maximum Output Power
Nominal Torque
Free Load Speed
Working Mode Data Sheets
E7 40.00 12.0 100.00 400.00 5500 Continuous
E9 51.20 12.0 170.00 420.00 5000 Intermittent
E11 64.00 12.0 230.00 1000.00 3850 Immersible
E17 90.00 12.0 450.00 3500.00 2200 Intermittent