Piezo Motors and Subsystems

The Johnson Electric family of piezo actuators provides high resolution motors in a very small package size and precision movement unmatched by other motion technologies. Our Nanomotion ER, Edge, HR and LS products have a leadership position in markets with demanding custom engineered piezo motor applications including medical diagnostics, defense and semiconductor automation.

Johnson Electric provides linear and rotary piezo shutter products custom engineered for complex defense applications such as NUC (non-uniformity correction) and filter changers. Nanomotion brand shutters feature unique direct drive piezo technology with closed loop control, delivering silent operation and low EMI / RFI profiles. Innovative mechanical designs create the closest back-working distance and does not conflict with the footprint of the video assembly. Nanomotion piezo shutters have the best SWaP (Size, weight and power) performance for in-flight, head mounted or hand held devices. The linear and rotary shutters are ASIC closed loop controlled to maintain precision positioning of the shutter. The control electronics can be supplied as a PCBA or components for custom system integration.