Brushless Torque Actuator (BTA) Series – High-Speed Solenoid Actuator

High Speed Solenoid

Johnson Electric’s BTA or Brushless torque actuator platform offers high-speed actuation in rotary stroke applications needed in material handling, valve control, high-speed shutter control, among others.

With a single-phase coil, stator bases, and a matching rotor pole, this design allows for a stroke of up to 45 degrees.

Since BTA technology does not require full stroke actuation, this product provides a much quieter operation due to the soft, shock-free cycling, eliminating the noise associated with end-of-stroke mechanical stops. With proper controls and application damping it is possible to achieve exceptionally low dB levels.

This high-speed solenoid actuator is self-contained in an industry standard size which enables easy mounting and interchangeability. The unit is permanently lubricated and requires no adjustment or maintenance over its entire life and is ideal for high speed, high throughput diverting and sorting applications that require low noise and zero downtime for maintenance, while achieving millisecond actuation speeds.


Features and Benefits

  • High Durability up to 100 million actuations
  • Fast Actuation Speeds with 10 millisecond actuation times unloaded
  • Near Noiseless Actuation
  • Optimized for torque and speed performance

Common Applications

  • Material Handling
  • Sortation
  • High-Speed Shutter Control
  • Valve control
  • Fail-Safe Control

Options and Modified Designs

Even though our standard BTAs are in stock, our customers often require a product with unique features or performance capabilities. In fact, almost 80% of all products that we make are either modified or custom built to meet our customers’ exact application requirements. So, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the catalog, give us a call to discuss your needs with one of our application engineers who can help you with your high-speed actuation applications.


BTA Design  Considerations   BTA Design  Considerations


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Available in Distribution
Platforms / Part Numbers Maximum Stroke
Gross Starting Torque
(lb-in) @ Specified Duty Cycle 100%
Gross Starting Torque
(lb-in) @ Specified Duty Cycle 10%
Gross Ending Torque
(lb-in) @ Specified Duty Cycle 100%
Gross Ending Torque
(lb-in) @ Specified Duty Cycle 10%
Data Sheets
2EV 45 1.189 0.72 - 1.00 - 0.58
3EV 45 1.374 0.89 0.28 1.66 0.22 0.88
4EV 45 1.626 1.06 0.40 2.85 0.36 1.60
5EV 45 1.937 1.26 1.36 6.00 1.04 4.20
6EV 45 2.311 1.63 3.40 12.90 2.00 7.00