Manually Operated Switches

Johnson Electric offers a range of manually operated switches under the Baer brand including rotary, rocker, pushbutton, and momentary switches. The flagship product line within our Baer switch range is the TIPPPMATIC® series. These automatic shut off switches range from a basic timer to an intelligent microprocessor based switch that can be integrated with an end product's control unit. Baer products are selected by industry leaders whose premier brands demand unequalled performance and quality. We are continually integrating more functionality within our switches and customizing the human interface to match contemporary trends in product design. Johnson Electric R&D is focused on providing ongoing differentiation to our customers. Switches are approved according to the standards of UL 1054, EN 61058-1 and UL 61058-1. Additional approvals such as CSA and CCC are available on request. Approval marks specified in series or product overviews are product related, the exact approval marks are specified on our technical drawings.