DC Motors: Overview


dc motors     dc motors

Power supply DC Battery supply possible
Driver electronics need No
Speed accuracy Low

Effected by load torque
Manufacture tol. +-10% of no load speed

Speed control Voltage ↕ Open loop or closed loop speed control
Closed loop – high accuracy, but sensor need
Position control High effort Closed loop position control and sensor need
Overloadablity / load inertia High

High start torque or peak load torque
Able to accelerate high load inertia

Lifetime Low 200…2000 h  (limited by wear of brushes)
Depend on speed, current and brush config.
Speed range [rpm] 1500...30000 No load speed
Efficiency 65...80% At operating point of max.efficiency
Power vs. size High
Winding thermal protection Need If overload (mechan.blocking) not excluded -
Current limitation or thermal contacts
Load sensing Easy Current rises with load
Stalling permissible No No or only short time (winding overheat)
Electromag.interference EMI Critical Suppression means (capacitors / varistors)
Braking/Holding torque Low Detent torque
Braking (dynamic only) by winding short circuit
JE Brand dc motors

dc motorsdc motors