RoHS Compliance

RoHS Compliance for products found in our Saia-Burgess North America catalogs

Our standard solenoid products shown in our catalog are compliant effective April 1, 2006. Interface Products, Ledex Packaged Switches, and Ledex Stepping Switches are not RoHS Compliant.

Many of our products are now in full compliance with the European directive 2011/65/EU, which restricts the use of certain hazardous materials. We are now fully compliant on all catalog, solenoid products and selected motors for industrial, non DoD / Aerospace applications.

Where customers have specified a particular added value item for our solenoids such as connectors, terminals, brackets, etc, these added value solenoid assemblies can not be designated as RoHS compliant unless the particular added component is already compliant. We will certainly be happy to advise as to compliance or assist in making recommendations for alternatives, which can be compliant.

Some markets are not requiring compliance, and therefore we are not pursuing compliance for our automotive, VR sensor, rotary switch, interface, and Department of Defense related products.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Customer Service department at 937-454-2345

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