Johnson Electric is the leading global provider of precision smart actuators for lighting applications such as adaptive lighting (Leveling and Bending) and beam shaping. Actuator solutions offered are based on either DC or stepper motor technologies depending on customer preference and the application. Actuators include optional integrated position feedback and LIN Bus electronics. A wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Electric, Parlex is the global leader of custom engineered flexible circuits increasingly used in automotive LED lighting. Automotive safety is enhanced by Johnson Electric’s actuators and flexible circuit solutions in combination with xenon lights and LED lighting.

Headlamp Adjusters
Headlamp Washer Pumps

Johnson Electric is the Safe Choice and Technology Leader in motion systems for global automotive markets. Johnson Electric sets the industry standard in electric motors, switches, drives and flexible PCBs, which are widely used in automotive applications. Johnson Electric's application expertise, engineering design and testing capabilities, together with vertical manufacturing excellence, allow us to work closely with our clients for uniquely customized solutions.

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