Powertrain Cooling

Powertrain Cooling
Johnson Electric is the global leader in automotive cooling systems motion solutions. The increasing demand for fuel economy improvement and emissions reduction, together with growing HPEV/EV applications, have created the need for more efficient and smarter cooling systems. For engine cooling, Johnson Electric offers smart cooling fan modules (CFM) with best in class efficiency and power density. Johnson Electric also offers smart valve actuators for main engine cooling or auxiliary coolant circuits (e.g. battery cooling, cabin heating, etc.). Another recent and growing application served is active grill shutter which enables faster engine warm-up and lowers vehicle drag at higher speeds. Johnson Electric is the leading global provider of smart actuators for grill shutters meeting industry's toughest environmental and durability requirements.
Battery Thermal Management

Johnson Electric is the Safe Choice and Technology Leader in motion systems for global automotive markets. Johnson Electric sets the industry standard in electric motors, switches, drives and flexible PCBs, which are widely used in automotive applications. Johnson Electric's application expertise, engineering design and testing capabilities, together with vertical manufacturing excellence, allow us to work closely with our clients for uniquely customized solutions.

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