Washer Pumps

Washer Pumps

Johnson Electric is the global market leader in providing custom engineered motor solutions for windshield and head lamp washer pumps.  The reliability of the Johnson Electric product line enhances vehicle safety and comfort. Johnson Electric offers a wide range of DC motors including Compact DC motors to support pump miniaturization. Johnson Electric also offers mono and dual pump assemblies that are customized to customer specific requirements (side vs. bottom inlet, EMC protection level or choice of integrated connector, etc.).

Headlamp Washer Pumps

Johnson Electric is the Safe Choice and Technology Leader in motion systems for global automotive markets. Johnson Electric sets the industry standard in electric motors, switches, drives and flexible PCBs, which are widely used in automotive applications. Johnson Electric's application expertise, engineering design and testing capabilities, together with vertical manufacturing excellence, allow us to work closely with our clients for uniquely customized solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for custom engineered solutions.

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