Custom Engineering Solutions

Johnson Electric offers a powerful combination of product development, engineering, materials sciences and manufacturing expertise. These resources in combination with unique Johnson Electric processes such as the Productizing Process, ECC Process and the JEPS Process ensure the success of our customer programs.

The Johnson Electric Productizing Process creates platform products based on critical application requirements (QFD's) aligned with human values and benefits for the customer's end user. These platform products form the basis of the differentiation embedded within the custom engineering designs created collaboratively with partner customers.

The ECC Process (Engineering Centers of Competence) involves teams of engineers from multiple Johnson Electric Business Units working together on a focused technology area. The ECC's include all motor types, gears and gear boxes, pumps and blowers, solenoids, microswitches, flexible interconnects, electronic controls, and tool engineering.

The JEPS Process (Johnson Electric Production System) is an implementation of Genba Kaizen in its purest form, and has the objective to remove all waste (muda). Not just waste of materials but waste as defined as anything that does not add value to the product.

With JEPS we approach every new product with fresh eyes to foster an innovative environment. Using 3P (Production Preparation Process) techniques, the production system is designed for each specific customer product. We design custom production machines and tooling to match the needs of the product.

The 3P process focuses on delivering only what is needed, no waste. The production machines and the production process are designed to have rapid set-ups, high quality and high efficiency. The 3P principles mean the lines are small, modular and flexible for "one piece flow". One piece flow ensures perfect quality, one at a time, removing the possibility of creating muda by building many products non-conforming to product specifications, such as occurs in batch production techniques.

Custom Engineering Solutions at Johnson Electric means much more than conceptual design. The combined expertise and innovative power of our experts and our customers' create highly differentiated products that meet the market and financial goals of our customers.

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PowerPod for Snow Blowers 

 Automotive Window Lift Drive Actuator for Dialysis 
 PowerPod for Snow Blowers  Automotive Window Lift Drive  Actuator for Dialysis