Automated Component Assembly & Value Added Service

Reduce risk, time to market, development complexity and total product cost - Choose Parlex and Johnson Electric as your development & manufacturing partner

Parlex Applications and Engineering Development Services

Johnson Electric has over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing flexible circuitry and related products. Our Worldwide Team of Applications Engineers look forward to helping you develop your next challenge. Let us help you with:

  • Circuit layout and prototyping capabilities
  • Device construction
  • Custom materials selection
  • Concept validation & feasibility study
  • Development and prototypes
  • Optimization for commercialization
  • Testing and reliability

Parlex Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Value Added Design and AssemblySave development and manufacturing resources- let Parlex make your finished circuit or subassembly using our high speed SMT manufacturing lines.

  • RoHS Compatible component attachment - Exclusive PolySolder® Adhesive is a lead-free, silver loaded isotropic conductive adhesive that provides both an electrical and mechanical connection of component leads to circuit traces
  • Flexible manufacture - In addition to LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and multi-leaded package types (e.g., QFP, SOIC and PLCC), we can attach 7-segment LEDs, flip chips, components on flaps and switches & displays (removing the need for spacer layers). Don't see what you need? Ask us- we are always adding new capabilities!
  • Improved quality and reliability - Mounted components can be robotically treated with an encapsulant during manufacture to provide additional stress relief. All of our SMT lines also incorporate in-line robotic testing to ensure quality during manufacture.