Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC): Declarations

Parlex Flexible Printed Circuits(FPC's) are made to the following standards:

IPC-2223 - Sectional design standard for flexible printed boards

IPC-6013 - Qualification and performance specification for flexible printed boards

IPC-4202 - Flexible base dielectrics for use in flexible printed circuitry

IPC-4203 - Flexible coated dielectric films for use as cover sheets for flexible printed circuitry and flexible adhesive bonding films

IPC-4204 - Flexible metal-clad dielectrics for use in fabrication of flexible printed circuitry

IPC-4101 - Specification for base materials for rigid and multilayer printed boards

IPC-A-600 - Acceptability of printed boards

IPC-A-610 - Acceptability of electronic assemblies

IPC-ETA-652 - Guidelines and requirements for electrical testing of unpopulated printed boards

IPC-SM-840 - Qualification and performance of permanent soldermasks

IPC-TM-650 - Test methods manual

IPC-4552 - Specification for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) plating for printed circuit boards

MIL-G-45204 - Gold plating, electrodeposited

QQ-N-290 - Nickel plating, electrodeposited

UL-94 - Tests for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances