Solenoids: Principle of Operation

Why use solenoids?

Actuation for machine and process automation must range from the most basic on-off function to extremely complex sequencing. When the process involves linear or rotary motion, solenoids are among the best actuation devices in terms of size, cost, simplified installation and ease-of-use.

On the following pages, we’ve shown several application examples that demonstrate the wide range of markets and applications to which our solenoid products are applied.

In keeping with recent industry trends, we have developed many solenoid designs to be especially advantageous for specific application demands including:

  • Saving Energy with magnetic latching solenoids for power off engagement
  • Quiet operation
  • Miniature size for space-restricted applications
  • Long-life designs for extremely consistent and dependable operation
  • High speed designs for maximum throughput and productivity

Whether your design includes linear or rotary actuation, we can help you determine the best solenoid to meet your application design requirements, such as:

Exceptional Force/Torque

A linear solenoid can provide up to 30 pounds of force from a unit less than 2-1?4 inches long. A rotary solenoid can provide well over 100 lb-in of torque from a unit also less than 2-1?4 inches long.

Compact Size

Need low profile? Minimum volume? Ledex solenoids can pack more work per cubic inch than motors. Many of our new miniature series units are in the 1/2 to 1” size.

Simplified Control

Being a pulsed device with minimal components optimizes solenoids for digital control. This results in faster cycling and higher reliability with fewer interfaces.

Uncompromising Reliability

Ledex solenoids provide repeatable, predictable performance with a specified life of up to 100 million cycles.

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