Flat Flexible Cable Solutions

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Hybrid Flex / Cable

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable SolutionsA hybrid incorporates a laminated flat flexible cable connected to printed circuit boards, connectors, or flexible printed circuits which creates a cost-effective solution to many interconnect needs. Parlex provides a unique solution for a reliable value add assembly.


Shielding / Protective Covering PEMACS 101 Shielding

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable SolutionsJohnson Electric's PEMACS 101 shielding provides a thin, highly flexible shield that can be applied to a laminated cable, flexible circuit, or almost any other surface that requires flexible shielding and can be grounded directly to any conductor or combination of conductors. The PEMACS 101 shielding process utilizes silver conductive ink that is a highly effective shield and meets the EMI/RFI requirements of today's complex designs.

In addition to offering our PEMACS 101 shielding other forms of shielding are available for electrical or non-electrical purposes. Tubing or tapes can be applied for protective covering against rubs and abrasion and conductive shielding of in-line laminated foil aluminium or copper tape is available for EMI purposes. In addition, ferrite beads can be added to meet your EMI needs.


Parlex Flat Flexible Cable Johnson Electric's laminated flat flexible cables can be folding into a variety of configurations where spacing constraints are a limiting design factor. When folding is preferred at assembly, cables can be pre-creased by Parlex to limit the stress cables normally endure from standard folding processes.


Parlex Flat Flexible Cable SolutionsStamping with up to 3 lines of text can be applied with UV chemical resistant ink or standard permanent ink for applying customer information, part number, date code, etc. using bulk or individual stamping methods. Polarity stripping is also available.

Splits / Skipped / Mixed Conductors

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable SolutionsJohnson Electric has the capability to provide cables of mixed construction either at end termination or where skipped or mixed conductors are a design necessity. Splitting of cable is also available to save space or when required for folding and routing at assembly.

Hot Bar Solder

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable SolutionsJohnson Electric's laminated flat flexible cable is available with LAP Solder end termination. Wire is exposed on both sides for soldering directly onto PCB surface mount pads eliminating the need for connectors ultimately saving overall product costs. Lap Solder end terminations are available in all cable pitches.

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