Parlex FFC Part Numbering

Parlex Standard Part Numbering

Parlex Standard Part Numbering

Cable Orientations

Parlex Cable Orientations

Johnson Electric provides the widest variety of FFC interconnect options available to suit your needs:

  • Johnson Electric provides manufacturing and assembling capable of meeting requirements of J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 specifications.
  • Termination options- mix and match LIF, ZIF, Hirose DF9 connectors, Auto Line, Tyco/AMP FFC receptacle, or solder tabs termination in same side or opposite side configuration
  • Pitch options — 0.50mm to 2.54mm with 1-99 conductors
  • Bendable EMI shielding to meet FCC Class B requirements
  • Ultimate flexibility- specify margins, backers and windows- just the way you want them

As an innovative leader in the production of laminated flat flexible cables (FFC), Johnson Electric brings years of experience to a wide range of applications. Laminated FFC provide superior reliability solutions in dynamic flex and service loop applications for automotive, telecommunications, medical, consumer electronics and other industry sectors.

All of our Parlex brand laminated flat flexible cables are manufactured to exact specifications. Ordering is made easy — customers can provide their own design specifications or use Parlex's part numbering system. Either way, a solution is provided that meets the customer's requirements by enabling specification of wire size, insulation material, pitch, length, number of conductors, and termination.

For fast response, attach your specifications to our ONLINE QUOTE FORM or use our ZIF QUICK QUOTE tool to rapidly enter in your length and termination needs.

All Parlex cables are made to order. If you need small quantities of ZIF, DF9 or bulk FFC cables, please note that Digi-Key offers stock Parlex cables available for immediate delivery. Click here for a complete list.


ZIF Flat Flexible Cable

Parlex Flat Flexible CableThe ZIF cable is a RoHS compliant laminated flat flexible cable solution used most commonly in board to board interconnect applications. This solution is fully compatible with space saving, low profile LIF (Low Insertion Force) and ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors. LIF and ZIF connectors offer SMT automated board assembly, easy insertion and removal of the cable for service. It is available in standard pitch sizes of 0.50, 0.625, 0.80, 1.00, 1,25, 1.27, and 2.54mm, 0 to 99 conductors, 1-9999mm length, and same side or opposite side end orientation with or without backers.

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Bulk Flat Flexible Cable

Parlex Flat Flexible Cable  Parlex provides RoHS compliant cable in bulk format. Bulk FFC is shipped in 500ft (154.2m) rolls typically with 1.27mm (0.050") and 2.54mm (0.100") pitch spacing. This enables customers to perform the cut and crimp operations and is often used in prototype applications.

Please specify RoHS requirement when ordering.

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