Design Considerations

Maximum Current 50mA Varies depending on ink selection
Line & Space 250µm 150µm available
Silver Ink Resistivity 5-15 mΩ/sq/mil
Components 0603 minimum size
Types: LEDs, Capacitors, Phototransistors, Diodes, Resistors
Parlex own conductive epoxy used for attachment(Polysolder™)
Domes Ø4-12 mm Depending on application
Switch Life 1 million operations
Typical Materials 50 µm and over PC, PEN, PET, PI
Profile Cut - Trace Edge 0.5mm
Cut Tolerance SRD tolerance:
±0.25 mm
Press tool tolerance:
±0.1 mm
Print Registration Tolerance ±0.25 mm
Circuit Construction Single Sided: Multiple conductive layers
Double Sided: Multiple conductive layers available with printed through holes
Installation Flex to install around 3.2mm or 100mm radius 3.2mm without SMD components. 100mm with SMD components
Humidity 5-95% RH non-condensing
Operating Temperature -20 to +85 °C
Storage Temperature -55 to +105 °C
Thermal Aging 1000 hours @85 °C/85 RH